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Queue Bot

Enhancing Queuing Management

Seamless Fusion of Conversational A.I. and Virtual Attendant for Enhancing Waiting Experiences

Eliminate Customer Confusion with AI

Customers often face challenges in determining the appropriate service department or queue to join. A.I. ambassador serves as a virtual, unmanned service that expertly directs users to the correct destination through interactive questioning or answering initial inquiries. By doing so, preventing customers from wasting time in incorrect queues, ensuring a smoother and more personal service experience.

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Queuing management system

Asiabots offers a comprehensive management system designed to optimize and streamline the waiting journey, ensuring utmost comfort and seamlessness. Our unmanned A.I. Ambassador kiosk, equipped with a ticket printer, QR code scanner, and payment systems, serves as an all-in-one solution for customers.

Furthermore, managers gain real-time oversight of queue situations via tablets or mobile phones. This empowers them to make necessary adjustments, including rescheduling, queue switching, and the addition of new waiting queues…etc thus enhancing overall operational efficiency and helping to reduce client’s actual waiting time.

Reducing client’s uncertainty

Experience the convenience of virtual ticketing and notifications through A.I. calls or SMS alerts. This system empowers customers to wait wherever they choose, armed with a mobile ticket. Customers can easily monitor their position in the queue by scanning their printed tickets at any time.

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Find the right plan for your scenario

Insurance Luxury VIP lounge.jpeg
Insurance Luxury VIP lounge

Provide highly personalized queuing service

Smart Hospital Emergency notice.png
Smart Hospital Emergency notice

Triage patients into appropriate service departments

Airport lounge.png
Airport lounge

Experience the next generation virtual service

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Talk to our expert to learn more about A.I. Queue Bot

Feel free to ask us anything about A.I. Queue Bot such as:

  • Pricing of customization?
  • API & Integration with company’s current phone system?
  • Demo Request?
  • Non-profit organiszation discount?

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