Asiabots became a proud resident of the Taiwan Linkou Startup Terrace in 2021, hoping to reap the benefits of technological support and site advantages offered by the international startup cluster to further expand its market in Asia through our signature A.I. customer service technologies. Integrating Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies into one central engine, Asiabots provides an all-in-one A.I. customer service solution that can be easily realised through Chatbot, Voicebot and A.I. Ambassador. It is conveniently customisable according to individual needs and widely applicable to diverse situations.


One of the co-founders of Asiabots, Ryan Lam, and several Taiwan team members were recently interviewed by Linkou Startup Terrace, providing in-depth insights into our latest technologies and products. Continue reading to find out more.


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