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A.I. Ambassador - Revolutionary A.I. Customer Service Solution

Your Artificial Intelligence.Humanless Automated Customer Service.Cantonese-Mandarin-English.Conversation-focused Assistant

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Our A.I. solutions are widely recognized across both industries and the public sectors in Asia

What isA.I. Ambassador?

A.I. Ambassador is the first ever Conversational A.I. in Asia to combine arts and communications. Excelling in providing assistance to frontline customer services in corporations and government agencies, personnel can be freed to focus on higher-level tasks and the overall efficiencies of organization will improve significantly.

Putting a smile on your clients’ faces with technologies

A.I. Ambassador combines human-like natural A.I. voice lines with 2.5D graphic generation engine. Amiable while futuristic, it for sure will bring a brand new customer service experience to your clients. Equipped with our self-developed, latest-generation Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, A.I. Ambassador supports Cantonese, English and Chinese Mandarin, and provides immediate solutions to your clients’ problems 24/7.

Yes, It’s an A.I., and also your company’s ambassador.

Connects your business with your clients with our ultra-realistic virtual characters

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Good-looking with excellent functionality, incomparable high value.

The A.I. Ambassador Series

Smooth Communications

With industry-leading Cloud Service platform and high-performance A.I. Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, conversations flow smoothly and naturally, and interactions are spontaneous.

Character Customisation Service

The only customisable A.I. customer service agent in the market that personally tailors to your company’s needs. No matter appearance, outfits, movements and voices can be changed accordingly.

Price Advantage

Rid of the expensive outer shell of traditional robots and the troubles of repairs and maintenance, A.I. Ambassador is built upon the Cloud network which allows easy change-making.

Choose the A.I. Ambassador that suits you most!

Directory Bot

Brand new audiovisual directory service experience for easy map planning and route navigation.

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Enquiry Bot

A variety of multimedia contents, supplying rich information to your clients

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How we make our A.I. characters come to life?

We have an army of virtual characters ready for your selection, or you can choose to customize your own unique character.

Explore our virtual characters >

What questions can be answered?

Possibilities are endless, as per your wish

Deep Learning A.I.

Our A.I. engineers can design the conversation flow for you, config the corresponding response to interactions, and provide appropriate training modules and corpus for machine learning. Suitable for complex conversational contexts.

Additional Lite version

We also provide a backend control panel for easy setting of default conversations, key words, synonyms etc., which is easy to use and does not require programming knowledge. This is suitable for simple and clear conversational contexts.

We have faith that…

A.I. is no longer abstract and distant, but can be easily harnessed.

Sample application scenarios

Smart City

Public services

Process customer service enquiries and connect with the public service systems

Property Management

VIP lounge services

Map directory, route navigation, counter customer service, self-service humanless lobby

Smart Commercial

Retail technologies

General commercial enquiry application, shopping advice, product features introduction, shopping assistance

Award-winning A.I. solution

Our highly acclaimed products and services are widely recognised by different sectors in the society

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