Admin Panel

Instant syncing your A.I. Ambassador and keep all the information up-to-date.

Want to know how many customers I approached today?

With the Admin Panel for A.I. Ambassador, you can track the usage pattern at a glance and edit all the content in one place.

Bring all the data to a central location

Collecting a wide range of data, including the usage time and the most frequently asked questions of your customers, lets you gain insights about your customers.

Customized conversation

With the insights you gain from the admin panel, you can start using them to make sure your A.I. Ambassadors say the right things at the right time.

Design the conversation flow to engage your customers in real-time and help your customer self-serve.

Two A.I. Engine, two methods to build conversation

A.I. Engine - Lite

For A.I. Ambassador Lite, Standard, Premium Plan

High flexibility of conversation flow editing.

Simply input words or phrases related to a certain chat topic and create the corresponding response.

No coding skills are required and support multimedia response creation.

NLP A.I. Engine

For A.I. Ambassador Enterprise Plan

Unleash the power of A.I. Conversation with the NLP tech (Natural Language Processing).

Our A.I. Engineer Team provides a full range of A.I. Engineering Services, including learning model machine learning model training, conversation flow design.

Include 1-month after sales A.I. training service.

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