Directory Bot

Providing top-notch customer service for properties and shopping malls

Solutions in map & directory and route navigation

The Amicable Intelligence

Centred around the next-generation intelligence technologies, your customer’s time is saved by easy way-finding to desired destinations.

Your customer only needs to say what’s in their mind, the Directory Bot will provide immediate response and appropriate services to them.

The A.I. Ambassador Series – Directory Bot

Primary New Features

Audiovisual Service Experience with Superb Intelligence

Our virtual customer service ambassador is just as great as your human agent in providing solutions to most common questions.

Providing an immersive experience, customers receive instant and fruitful service with revolutionary visual and voice customer service, while breaking through the tradition.

Support both voice input and traditional click through directory service.

Detail-minded Shop Category

Categorising shops even better by adding tags and its product name by the artificial intelligence technologies.

Features Coming Up…

Way-finding Robot Integration

Support way-finding robotics, showing the way after knowing the user’s destination.

O2O Connection

Users could scan the QR code provided by the A.I. Ambassador by their phone in order to follow the guide to their destination.

IoT Integration

Providing self-service on the kiosk by integration hardwares like thermal printer, scanner, card reader, etc.

Map Display and Route Planner

Providing personalised route planner for visitors.

Latest News and Push Advertising

Backend panel to control advertisement broadcasting and useful information.

Find the right plan for your scenario

Suitable for Commercial Building, Small Shopping Mall, Smart Office and Residential Building

A.I. Ambassador Lite / Standard/Premium

Suitable for Commercial Complex, Government Building, Large Shopping Mall

A.I. Ambassador Enterprise

Does your customer still want to contact a live agent?

Our A.I. Ambassador supports Live chat feature. The user could contact a live agent through video streaming for enquiries or emergency.

Integration of A.I. Voicebot to automate phone enquiries and reservation call is also another choice

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