Enquiry Bot

Intelligent with multi-language capability, connects you and your customers unprecedentedly.

Answer more to your customer with precise and vibrantly visualized information

Of course, our Enquiry Bot can help you to handle customer enquiry!

What makes our Enquiry Bot brilliant is that it can provide thorough and abundant information by presenting all kinds of images and videos to your customer.

Supports shortcut customization and rapid synchronization of remotely uploaded multimedia content, ensuring you keep a tight grip on managing the Enquiry Bot.

Remove interaction barriers for your customer

Communicate verbally without tapping the screen over and over again. Enjoy the endearing voice spoken by the virtual customer representative.

Build-in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Processor

Let your customer communicate verbally without tapping the screen over and over again.

Powered by our self-developed ASR technology, the Enquiry Bot can handle Cantonese, Mandarin and English, or whatever languages according to your request.

Freely edit your conversation content

Feel free to edit the way you want the Enquiry Bot to engage your customer!

After you update the textual conversation script, our Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine auto converts and well prepares it to read out at any time.

Why is the Enquiry Bot extraordinary?

The first A.I. with a range of interface styles

Pick and customize an interface style that fits perfectly to the surroundings.

Smart Finance

Financial product concept stores

Smart Government

24/7 public service kiosk

Smart Lounge

Personalized service experience and divert customers with different needs

Smart Campus

Enlightening experience for STEM Education

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