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From personified characters to animals to robots, you decide what you want!

Virtual digital human

Japanese Anime Style

Our most popular option focuses on portraying facial expressions and sleek body movements, perfectly embodying both arts and technologies.

Virtual digital human

3D Cartoon Art Style

Paying attention to the three-dimensional and lighting effects, this option applies to a wide range of situations.

Virtual digital human

3D Realism Art Style

Highly focusing on realistic representation of body form and realistic simulation of the physics world, this option most applies to professional settings.

Virtual digital life

Virtual Life

Friendly and fantastic, attractive and eye-catching, this option redefines creativity and recreation.

"Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand"

— Marketing Management, Philip Kotler & Kevin Lane Kelly

Original character design

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Design style of your choice

A.I. Ambassador has a team of over 30 designers, consisting of artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of the globe. Their diversity will definitely allow you to select your favorite design. (Clients can apply for exclusive copyright for their own uses. Please contact us for details.)

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Ready-to-use unique ambassadors with different hairstyles, outfits and accessories. Our design team will provide you with the latest designs and choices.

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