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AI-Powered Virtual Assistant for In-Person Services

Comprehensive automated AI Support for a variety of global languages
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Powering evolution for enterprises and organizations worldwide


Integration with current system


Profound project collaboration experiences


Reliable after sales support

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Introducing Asiabots A.I. Ambassador

A.I. Ambassador™ represents a groundbreaking achievement integrating the realms of arts and communication. Asiabots investing substantial effort and passion into the robot AI service since 2016. The AI Ambassador™ stands as a significant component within this endeavor.

Delighting Your Clients with Technological Innovation 

The A.I. AmbassadorTM flawlessly integrates lifelike, organic A.I. voice interactions with a real-time Digital Human animation generation engine. Fueled by Asiabots' advanced Voice-to-Text (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, LLM model (GAI), and human-like natural voice (TTS), it offers an exceptionally intelligent conversational experience.

What sets Asiabots apart is its AI AmbassadorTM chatbot system, a fusion of its proprietary NLP system and Generative AI. This synergy ensures precise and comprehensive conversational experiences, eliminating concerns about providing inappropriate responses.

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Yes, It’s an A.I.,
and also your company’s spokesperson

Connects your business with your clients with our ultra-realistic virtual characters

Asiabots offers a diverse range of virtual avatars tailored to match your business's unique identity.

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2.5D Animation Virtual Character

Exceptional 3D Virtual Humans with Superb Quality.png

Exceptional 3D Virtual Humans with Superb Qualit

Cutting-edge Generative Virtual Humans with Hyper-realistic Appearance.png

Cutting-edge Generative Virtual Humans with Hyper-realistic Appearance

Combining Attractive Design with Exceptional Functionality for Unmatched High Value.

Revolutionizing User Experience.png

Revolutionizing User Experience

Nothing better than experiencing an interactive, groundbreaking, and immersive journey accompanied by swift and precise responses ! The combination of digital humans and avatars results in a user-friendly interface that minimizes technical hurdles, making it accessible to users of all ages.

Bringing you a one stop solution 

Asiabots offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing character design, style customization, A.I. training and refinement, hardware installation, software integration, and API provision. Simply express your aspirations, and our expert team will work collaboratively to transform them into reality !  

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Attractive CP value.png

Attractive C/P value 

Bid farewell to the costly exteriors of traditional robots and the hassles of repairs and upkeep. The A.I. Ambassador operates within a Cloud network, offering effortless adaptability and change capabilities.

Choose the A.I Ambassador that suits you most!

Everything is under control

Possibilities are endless, as per your wish

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Our A.I. engineers are proficient in creating conversation flows, configuring responses for interactions, and developing tailored training modules and data sets for machine learning. Ideal for intricate conversational scenarios. 


Additionally, we furnish a user-friendly backend control panel that facilitates effortless configuration of default conversations, new intents, synonyms, and more. This intuitive interface requires no coding expertise, making it ideal for straightforward and concise conversational contexts.

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Simple application scenarios