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Reception Bot

Impressing Your Visitors with Innovative Technology
A.I. Ambassador operates as an A.I. Reception Bot, extending a warm welcome to your clients and ensuring a hospitable atmosphere. It serves as a representative of your company, addressing inquiries, providing wayfinding assistance, and facilitating communication with staff.

Once a visitor is verified, the A.I. Ambassador can even guide them through a mobile robot, offering a cutting-edge and engaging experience.

Warm Greetings and Inquiries

A.I. Ambassador extends a warm welcome to your visitors and offers valuable services. Visitors can learn more about your company, inquire about booking schedules and meeting locations (additional integration required), and request registration for walk-in or guest visitors when they meet at the entrance.

Warm Greetings and Inquiries.png

Efficient Calling Service

Upon registration, the A.I. Ambassador initiates contact with the relevant staff via A.I. call or SMS. The A.I. call is automatically generated by our AI voicebot, which provides staff with comprehensive visitor information. Once approval is granted, a mobile robot like TEMI will guide the visitor to their designated meeting place.

Seamless Wayfinding

Our A.I. Ambassador offers comprehensive map information, highlighting common facilities such as meeting rooms, waiting areas, restrooms, and pantries. This map can be projected onto visitors' mobile phones, facilitating indoor navigation and guiding them to their destinations.

Chatbot and Mobile Navigation.png

Find the right plan for your scenario

Smart Concierge-ACX (1).png
Smart Concierge

Connecting access control to provide unmanned lobby service

Smart Office

Greeting and auto connect visitors to company staff

Konica Monota.png
Smart Showroom

Company and showroom introduction

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Talk to our expert to learn more about A.I. Reception Bot

Feel free to ask us anything about A.I. Reception Bot such as:

  • Pricing of customization?
  • API & Integration with company’s current phone system?
  • Demo Request?
  • Non-profit organiszation discount?

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