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Beautiful core perfectly complements a beautiful body

The AI Ambassador is a versatile platform system that can be seamlessly deployed across various digital hardware devices, including digital signages, tablets, mobile phones, and third-party robots. Asiabots provides a range of options to align with the design and style preferences of your company.


Sound system and microphone system

Asiabots provides a meticulously tuned sound and microphone system, guaranteeing top-notch voice recording and sound quality. Our technology also incorporates advanced noise cancellation features to significantly enhance the user experience.


High quality screen to provide the best visual experience

Asiabots' AI Ambassador supports up to 4K resolution for digital signage and various smart devices. We provide a selection of different-sized high-resolution panels to craft the ultimate visual experience tailored to your needs.

Frame 76.png


Double Sided signage Signage with transparent Box

Frame 76-3.png


Floor Stand Digital Signage

Frame 76-6.png


Transparent Interactive Digital Signage Box

Frame 76-1.png


Double Sided Floor Stand Digital Signage

Frame 76-4.png


Transparent OLED Signage

Frame 76-7.png


Narrow Bezel Wall Mount Digital Signage

Frame 76-2.png


Floor Stand Bar Type

Frame 76-5.png


Art Frame Wall Mount Digital Signage

Frame 76-8.png



Tailored Design and Installation Solutions

Tailored Design and Installation Solutions

Asiabots offers customized case design services. We provide a diverse selection of panels in various sizes, meticulously curated to seamlessly integrate with the interior design and aesthetics of your space. Additionally, we offer installation services for most scenarios. Don't hesitate to engage in a conversation with our engineering team for in-depth details and discussions.

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Talk to our expert to learn more about A.I. Ambassador

Feel free to ask us anything about A.I. Ambassador such as:

  • Pricing of customization?
  • API & Integration with company’s current phone system?
  • Demo Request?
  • Non-profit organiszation discount?
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