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What is underneath the Asiabots A.I. Ambassador™ platform? 

Beneath the Asiabots A.I. Ambassador™ platform lies a foundation built upon cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies.

Asiabots integrates various advanced technologies to ensure swift and responsive services, ultimately enhancing the quality of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) performance.

This foundation is comprised of state-of-the-art AI, natural language processing, machine learning, and other innovative tools, working harmoniously to provide an exceptional user experience. 

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Langauges we support

Asiabots proudly presents its award-winning Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, capable of accurately understanding user requests in various languages, accents, and dialects.

In tandem, Asiabots has developed a series of high-quality, humanlike voices using its in-house Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. This TTS system supports the following languages.

Super easy way to control 

Navigating new technologies often presents challenges, but at Asiabots, we are committed to minimizing these hurdles. We firmly believe that chatting is the most intuitive and natural method of control. There's nothing simpler than asking a question and receiving an accurate answer. We're dedicated to making technology accessible and user-friendly for all.

After a few years of interacting with voice input robots like Amazon Alexa™, Apple Siri™, OK Google™, Samsung Bixby™, and Xiaomi™ XiaoAi™, the public has grown accustomed to conversing with AI-powered systems.


WIFI / network requirement

The AI Ambassador operates on a cloud-based service that demands minimal bandwidth, making it well-suited for 4G and Wi-Fi environments. This ensures smooth functionality even in varying network conditions, guaranteeing a reliable user experience.

Wanna to know how many customers I engaged today ? 

Admin Panel icon.png

Admin Panel

With the Admin Panel for A.I. Ambassador, you can effortlessly sync your A.I. Ambassador and keep all information up-to-date in real-time. This user-friendly tool allows you to monitor usage patterns at a glance and conveniently edit all content in a single location, ensuring seamless management.

Centralized Data Gathering icon.png

Centralized Data Gathering

Bringing all data to a central location, which includes details such as usage times and frequently asked questions from your customers, provides invaluable insights into your customer base. This data allows for a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences.

Tailored Conversations icon.png

Tailored Conversations

Leveraging NLP and Generative AI technology, you can now ensure that your A.I. Ambassadors deliver precisely what's needed, precisely when it's needed. Designing conversation flows based on real-time engagement allows you to effectively engage your customers and empower them for self-service, offering a personalized and efficient experience.

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Talk to our expert to learn more about A.I. Ambassador

Feel free to ask us anything about A.I. Ambassador such as:

  • Pricing of customization?
  • API & Integration with company’s current phone system?
  • Demo Request?
  • Non-profit organiszation discount?
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