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Asiabots in 2023 Taiwan Smart City Demo

Asiabots participated in last week's 'Smart City Demo,' organized by the New Taipei City Youth Development Office. The competition, featuring ASUS as the host company, posed the challenge of developing a private LLM (Large Language Model) as the theme. After three months of evaluation and guidance, Asiabots emerged as the third-place winner with private LLM smart customer service solution.

Our solution not only focuses on enhancing the customer service experience but also highlights how our company utilizes private LLM deployment to facilitate smoother and more efficient communication between businesses and users, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction. During the competition, we also showcased a live demo to provide firsthand experience of our efficient service. We are grateful for the judges' recognition and look forward to continued efforts in delivering more intelligent and human-like A.I. service to a broader range of businesses and users in the future.


Explore how Asiabots's A.I. solution can evolve your customer communication
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